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Amsia Motors, Launches A Venture Organization Focused on Global Development and Innovation – AGPTI.

Passionate to contribute towards a healthy ecosystem, while embracing developing nations by generating green energy, reducing carbon footprint and forming a greater environment for the Global citizen – Amsia Motors was established 1986.

Introducing the lowest emission vehicles, among the sectors of transportation, agriculture and power – Amsia, following a joint venture with three major Automotive manufacturing company’s and 9 technical collaborations, an advanced vision for a leading automotive brand after a decade of research and development, was developed.

Amsia’s strategic Joint Venture partnership aimed to cover a wide range of the automotive market segment, such as DFM (DongFeng Motors) for heavy duty trucks, JINBEI, stakeholder Auto Brilliance, for light commercial vehicles and ZHONGTONG for buses.

Amsia Motors Americas, LLC, incorporated in the United States was styled to launch its first automotive brand “Amsia” independently. December, 2015 – Amsia Motors Americas, LLC signed an agreement for the first automotive manufacturing plant in the State of Minas, Brazil.

Amsia Global, the parent company behind the development of Green Automotive Manufacturing Company ‘Amsia Motors’, announced the launch of a new global development firm, Amsia Global Power, Technology, Investments (AGPTI). This new company will stimulate global development efforts for the following:

Renewable Energy,

Sustainable Economic Development,

Innovation and Commercialization of Technology,

Multi-diversified Agricultural Development for Poverty Alleviation and Global Food Security,

Mass habitation with Global Stakeholders, Sovereign States and Private Enterprises,

Water Treatment and Purification as well as creating Sustainable Water Resources for a healthy living and a global eco-living.

Biotechnology developments in the area of natural preventive medicine industry.

The foundation ofAGPTI, styled at the beginning of the year spearheaded a focus on the challenges of global sustainable development in the core regions, from North America, Africa and Asia.

Meanwhile, AGPTI with its different private enterprises as their co-partners relating to the main objectives and constantly extending, encompassing innovative organization and enterprises – ultimately is fulfilling the articulation of global sovereign States participation. And thus, gradually, AGPTI expects to divide its operations by four foundational regional centers.

USA - Arizona projected – covering Americas

Portugal – covering European Union and North Africa

India – SAARC countries, GCC and part West Asia

Vietnam – ASEAN region and APAC

Proposed projects:

Research & Scientific Laboratory

State of the art, next generation global BIG data, research and development center.

Possible partners and co-sponsors – State of Arizona, ASU, US Private enterprises, socio -economic development agencies, global development agencies, Global development banks, with affiliations of; Canada - CIDA, Global Affairs Canada and (IDRC), European Union – Europe Aid Development and Cooperation, France - (AFD), Germany - (KFW), (GIZ), Israel – MASHAV, Japan - (JICA), (JBIC), Kuwait - Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, New Zealand - (NZAID), Norway - (NORAD), Russia - (Rossotrudnichestvo), Saudi Arabia - (SFD), Spain - Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), Sweden - Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Switzerland - (SDC), United Kingdom - (DFID), United States - (USAID), (IAF), (MCC), and (ADF), African Development Bank (AFDB), Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Colombo Plan (CP), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), United Nations (UN), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank Group.

Electric battery enhancement research & manufacturing

Advanced technological R&D, in joint collaboration with ASU progressing to a manufacturing plant.

Date farming and agricultural development

Multi-diverse, value added food processing industry and agricultural farming, acquiring global leadership.

Water and agricultural technology development

Water reserve, for sourcing water and developing an effective irrigation system.

Micro-Macro manufacturing and assembly facilities

International industrial park for foreign investment.

Smart electric car assembly and manufacturing

Innovative automotive manufacturing - initially assemble and manufacture electric bikes and compact EV cars, raise a joint R&D (research and development) venture for further advancement of the new technology, silicon battery, progressing to a battery plant to meet the requirements and demands of the future electric vehicles in the growing auto industry. Electric vehicle manufacturing for mass market, aimed for a healthy green ecosystem.

University research and educational opportunities

Academic development studies between the U.S. and International cross-border educational programmes in partnership between higher education institution of Arizona.

The overarching goal of AGPTI is to intimately connect world leaders from a multiplicity of international agencies, in lieu of these partnerships, AGPTI will employ development strategies to spur innovation ecosystems in its regions of interests.

AGPTI was conceived to reaffirm the central role of public and private partnerships with sovereign governments and nations in service of the world’s most pressing development concerns.

As a multilateral development institution headquartered in New York, AGPTI is positioned to help address critical issues from sustainable energy, to advance technology, and accountable monetary leadership. AGPTI is currently developing headquarters in major development regions in New York, Arizona, Portugal, in both the United States and international settings.

n 2015, AGPTI the parent company of Amsia Motors, has been interacting with the State of Arizona for engaging in several industrial sectors. President of Amsia – Mr. Richard Abernathy met with the State of Arizona and some of the most influential Senators and Congressman’s office, carrying out an effective dialogue for Amsia projects – where strong assistance, support and confidence was expressed for immediate engagement of the projects at hand.

Upon the past due diligence, an official invitation from the Hon. Governor, Mayor of the Arizona State’s office has been extended to Amsia, where Navajo and other tribal community leaders, industrial enterprises and private enterprises also interacted with Amsia for several project initiation and execution.

Now, having reached a firm dialogue for an actionable partnership and initiation of the projects stated above, the active engagements are underway for execution.

The sponsors and delegates headed by the Founder, Chairman. CEO of Amsia Motors & AGPTI Mr. Mostafa Z. Ahmed, the esteem head of delegates shall meet the State Leaders, dignitaries, Tribal community leaders, private enterprises and leading financial businesses for further discussions and actionable project engagements.

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