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After Sales Service   

after sales service

Choosing to purchase or lease a quality product is an important decision.

Maintaining your vehicle by our factory-trained Technicians at our Service centres, you will be in expert hands.


We offer Our Customers: Customized treatment and dedicated reliable service beyond the extra step. All  Amsia Motors vehicles deserve the Best factory-trained Technicians. Focused on quality, we utilize precise diagnostic equipment and premium parts to keep your vehicle running on top performance level.


Rest assured, your nearest service centre is always under supervision by our technicians and service advisors who will approve key components functionality and provide troubleshooting solutions. Where, a detailed report of how your vehicle is running shall be presented.


A safe ride with Amsia is ensured, dependable and reliable; a thorough maintenance schedule is always outlined in your purchased vehicles' customer information guide. Our best in class industry experts will assist in your unique needs, to meet your satisfaction.


We thrive to ensure quality, to prevent expensive repairs, dangers and breakdowns by maintaing peak operation and longevity of your vehicle.


At Amsia, your needs are our top priority and our best skilled technicians, advisors and service will make your journey smooth and sound. We trust our local authorized Partners; our service centres will ensure a pleasant experience for you and your vehicle at AMSIA.

Technical Support   

technical support

We have a dedicated, professional, skilled team of experts, including multilingual personnel, equipped with facilities and co-sponsored technical programs. Our technical experts are continuously on the move to train and enhance technical product knowledge to tackle any aspect of our vehicles, at the authorized dealer service centres.


The Team is designed to cater consistent training of the local Engineers, monitoring performance management and development, in addition to effective communication. 

Research & Development   

research and development

Amsia, has been involved since the inception of our Brand, in the detailed process of constant evolution of design, improvement of our parameters, and implementation of user friendly digital applications.


We are consistent with our growth and development of green technology, better safety features, utility and measures.

A passion for innovation and development, with a strong eye towards the green future is the epitomy of our R & D department teams' foundation and success.

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