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Amsia, 'OEM' Joint-Venture Power Generator Manufacturing


Amsia, in Joint-Venture with selective power generation manufacturers created a wide range of power generation, manufacturing partnership.


The information and technologies our research and development department cultivated over the years ensure durable and efficient products, following economical standards, in addition to representing the lowest operational costs and emissions. 

Lowest emission equipment and components have been acquired from the best in the industry for the best performance. Amsia Motors constantly introduces new technology; dedicated to years of product development, our Research and Development department exceeds challenging boundaries. Our primary focus is always based on safety, lowest consumption and product

longevity. Compositions of Power Generators range from : 2kw-10kw[Mute] 20kw-40kw-100kw, 300kw, 500kw [Silent]. Amsia Motors emphasizes agricultural development worldwide, while maintaining a healthy environment and comparative costs.

Amsia, Power Generator Manufacturing Technical Collaboration

The following Global automotive companies are our technical collaborative partners, among others. Collaborating in the best innovative technology from the leaders in the Automotive Industry, Amsia Motors stands apart as an unparalleled brand, with a strong focus on competitive edge in quality, cost and performance. 

Amsia Motors Research and Development team interacts with JV partners and technical International Brand Partners to ensure and produce new generation power generators, with a full range of 'After Sales Service' and related training programs.

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Chairman. CEO with the Economic Development Minister of Chengdu, China

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