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Race For Water, A Cleaner Planet!

It’s all good and well loving offshore racing but at the end of the day our favourite sport wouldn’t be what it is without the beautiful oceans we sail across. As Amsia's JV Partner Dongfeng Race Team prepared for Cowes Week, please take a moment out of your day to read more about the charity we supported during the Artemis Challenge on Thursday 13th August.

These photographs are the sad reality of what is happening to our oceans and Race for Water is out to make a difference. Let’s help them:

Solidarity T-shirt "Do not touch my sea" by 727 Sailbags Support the Foundation Race for Water and help us protect the oceans by participating in the collection organized by 727 Sailbags. Objective: To sell 100 T-shirts "Do not touch my sea" by 727Sailbags by June 19 in order to start production. € 10 will be donated to the Race for Water Foundation each bought a T-shirt. Visit 66-key-not-a-ma-Sea Feel free to share with the greatest number!

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