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Chinese Billionaire Hires Infinity Executive !

Many worldwide automobile manufacturers are branching out into the realm of electric vehicles and electric automobile technologies. Companies including Leshi, Infiniti and Tesla are all converging on the Chinese market to take advantage of the burgeoning sales that occur in the country. Domestic Chinese automobile manufacturers like Leshi are working to increase their own knowledge of electric vehicles as well as bring in experts in the field to increase the chances of success in the electronic vehicle market.

Jia Yueting is the founder of Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corporation based in Beijing. Recent additions to the Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corporation include Allen Lu, the former managing director of Infiniti China. He was brought on board to usher in a new era of electronic vehicle marketing and technology to Leshi, a traditional web and TV company.

Allen Lu brings in extensive experience from Ferrari and Nissan’s own electronic vehicles groups and will certainly give Leshi a valuable resource when embarking upon this new business venture. His experience with other car companies will allow Leshi to gain experience in this market while they seek to create a functioning and efficient electric vehicle that appeals to Chinese drivers as well as drivers elsewhere in the world. Leshi hopes to someday manufacture electric cars around the world and are simply setting their sights on China for the time being.

China is proving to be a ripe market for electric vehicles, or so hope the many billionaires who are choosing to invest in the country and this specific sort of technology. Recent attention to the massive pollution problems in China have led to laws about how many car licenses can be given out, how many cars can be sold and emissions regulations mean that the automobile market is opening wide for alternative energies and fuels to be used. Electric vehicle giants like Tesla are also looking to move into the fertile market that is China, building upon their reputation for stunningly brilliant electronic vehicles sold in other parts of the world.

Electronic vehicles from other interested parties, would be manufactured in China to decrease the dependency China has on foreign automobile brands. This would not only benefit the domestic automobile market, but help pave the way for other non-automobile manufacturing companies like Leshi to invest in their own electric research and design experiments should they so desire.

Leshi is breaking new ground into the automobile market as this is not the business they have been known for during their existence. The head of the company recognized the risk he is taking by branching out into this market but understands that while he might fail, the gains made for the future of the Chinese electronic vehicle market could make all the difference. He and others hope to create a suitable challenger to Tesla while creating a domestic, Chinese supercar that also works to solve some of China’s many fuel and pollution problems.

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