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Green, Auto Hybrid demand increase production, 2017!

While China’s production of domestic and international automobiles may not be excessive they continue to be a major world automobile market influencer. In their extensive research and development of cleaner and more efficient vehicles China has surpassed many of the world’s automobile manufacturing giants. In 2011 China produced only 12,552 electric vehicle units as opposed to one year later, in 2012, when they produced 11,241 units of solely electric vehicles which raised their total output of electric vehicle production 98.8% from the previous year. Units of production have not gone up but the increase of electrical units shows the strength of the market and the great Chinese commitment to cleaner and more efficient energy driving towards the future.

In 2012 Chinese auto manufacturers only produced 1,311 units of hybrid cars as compared with the estimated 273,150 units that are hoped to be produced by 2017. China’s commitment to investing in clean and green car technology is represented by the draft of a new plan to renew the Chinese auto market by pumping it full of hybrid plug-in vehicle options and 100% purely electric cars in coming years. The Chinese are investing in three core tenants of the plan that include improving research and development (and implementation) of the battery power in new vehicles as well as enhancing the motor and electric controls of the vehicles they will be producing.

To encourage consumers and automobile buyers to take advantage of the pure electric and hybrid technologies that will rock their automobile market, China is offering discounts, tax cuts and subsidies for vehicles that are labeled ‘transitional technology,’ which includes their totally-electric automobile models but not the plug-in hybrid types. China sees that their automobile market is more than just the incredible technology behind their cars, and that the consumers who will be potential car buyers need to have more benefits to owning an electric car in China’s petrol-centered environment.

Recent reports from the Chinese automobile industry as well as the hopes of the Chinese state projects great increases and profits from the electric car market in the coming years. By 2015 estimates are up to one million electric units sold which will increase to 5 million units sold by the year 2020, the market speculates. From the initial sale of these new electric cars as well as a push from the government to promote the benefits and cost analysis of buying one of these vehicles, the Chinese are confident that total passenger car sales could be around 50% electric vehicles in the future. The estimated profits are in the millions of dollars.

Not only is China finding a way to power through the rocky automobile market but they are doing so with a streamlined and efficient plan encompassing technological research, market analysis, and benefits to the population. Amsia Motors is one such Chinese company that is paving the way to green automobile technology through extensive research into green technology, market awareness and finally the production of professional, great-quality vehicles for the electric auto market in China.

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